Pioneering the highest performance VTOL aircraft and propulsion system technology.
Specialists in long loiter, electric and hybrid VTOL UAS
Pioneering the highest performance VTOL aircraft and propulsion system technology.
At the heart of a threefold increase in loiter time and range beyond it’s competitors, lies the most highly optimised rotary- wing aerodynamics and electric propulsion system in its class, engineered specifically to provide a step change in electric VTOL performance, reliability, cost and ease of deployment.
Rotron Rotary Engines
Light in Weight,
Heavy on Performance
Rotron's range of advanced rotary engines and propulsion systems deliver an unparalleled power-to-weight ratio in a super compact, zero vibration and reliable power pack.
Rotary Aerospace
The key to capability
is the right partner
Multiple Applications,<br> One Solution
Power & Reliability
Multiple Applications,
One Solution
Rotron's rotary engine size and weight advantage delivers reliable performance and functionality for limitless applications.
How a Rotary Engine Works
Transforming defence and security capabilities with advanced VTOL air-systems.
Aircraft & Propulsion Systems

Shaping a new generation of long range, vertical take-off aircraft and propulsion systems

At Rotron, we have developed a new generation of UAS and propulsion system, fuelled by our passion for achieving exceptional power-to-weight ratios and unparalleled reliability. With over two decades of innovation, testing, and refinement, our aircraft and propulsion systems are designed to excel in performance and durability. Setting industry-leading standards in range, weight, power, and size, as well as operational economics, Rotron aero-engines deliver top-tier performance metrics in an ultra-compact, vibration-free form factor, tailored for some of the world’s most demanding applications and environments.

About Rotron

Establishing the right
aero-system partner

Rotron Aerospace specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of long-range, loitering VTOL UAS systems. Central to our UAS systems is our in-house manufactured propulsion system. By maintaining an exceptionally disciplined approach, Rotron has achieved a significant advancement in UAS propulsion and long-loiter technology, delivering the best power-to-weight ratios in the industry.

Our experienced engineers are pioneers in developing and applying extreme, multi-fuel propulsion systems, with a distinguished track record in engine and VTOL aircraft research, design, development, and manufacturing. Our “listen and partner” approach uniquely positions us to address our clients’ most challenging requirements and operational demands.


A product of continuous innovation

Completed Aero Engine TBO
1000 hrs

Rotron continues to raise the benchmark for capability, endurance and reliability. Our aero engines go beyond their original scoped service life. Quoted TBOs are subject to flight profile.

Aero Engine Testing
9300 hrs

We don't settle for the status quo when it comes to testing. Rotron pays special attention to the quality and testing of its aero engines to meet the most demanding requirements.

Our Clients

Aero Engine

Our rotary aero engine technology extends across a range of sectors and we're proud to possess a client list that includes commercial and government agencies.

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