Rotron RT600-HC Wankel Rotary Engine
Rotary Helicopter Engine

High performance & capability for VTOL platforms

The demands of a helicopter engine are as unique as the aircraft itself. The Rotron RT600-HC rotary engine has an optimised power-to-weight ratio which offers the crucial capability for today’s most advanced VTOL platforms and demanding operations. High reliability and maintainability, ensuring low operating costs.

* Quoted TBOs are subject to flight profile


  • Max Peak Power64hp
  • Engine Weight39kg (86lbs)
  • Max TBO1000hrs
  • Displacement600cc
Rotron RT600-HC Wankel Rotary Engine for Helicopters - Left Side
Rotron RT600-HC Wankel Rotary Engine for Helicopters - Front
Rotron RT600-HC Wankel Rotary Engine for Helicopters - Left Side

Smaller Form Factor

RT600-HC’s small footprint confers streamlined bodywork and improved aerodynamics and is perfectly suited to the specific constraints of a helicopter.
  • Optimised airframe & cowlings
  • Multi-payload versatility
  • Variety of deployment possibilities

Lighter Engine Weight

The RT600-HC’s compact and lightweight build offers platform agility while delivering high power density, fuel efficiency and endurance for multi-role missions.
  • Optimised power-to-weight
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Diverse payload capability

Further Endurance

The RT600-HC is the answer to today’s most demanding multi-role missions for which high dependability, high endurance and cost effectiveness are needed.
  • Increased flight capability
  • Increased dependability and readiness
  • High reliability and maintainability


Fuel Efficiency

Technical Specifications

Engine TypeTwin [2] Rotor, Rotary Wankel
ApplicationVTOL / Helicopter
Max. Peak64HP
Max. Peak RPM6800RPM
Max. Continuous45HP
TBO1000hrs (subject to flight profile)
Core Weight38.5 KG / 84.9 LBS
Drive TypeCentrifugal Clutch
Drive RotationClockwise
Fuel SystemFuel Injection
Fuel TypeUnleaded 95 Octane / Avgas 100LL
Fuel Consumption0.58 LBS / Per HP / Per Hour
CoolingLiquid Cooling
Starting DeviceElectric Onboard
Ignition SystemProgrammable fuel injection with canbus
Generator1400W 28V
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