Rotron XT100 2-Stroke Engine
2-Stroke Performance

Light. Powerful. Compact

The XT100 propulsion system is designed specifically for ultra-low profile installation requirements and is Rotron’s most compact power unit. This liquid cooled, single cylinder two-stroke engine is equipped with a miniature integrated electric starter system, ignition module, battery and exhaust unit. It’s a ‘plug and play’ power unit, easy to install with minimal ancilliaries and simple to operate.

Rotron XT100 2-Stroke Engine

  • Max Peak Power11hp
  • Engine Weight5kg (11lbs)
  • Max TBO1000hrs
  • Displacement90cc
Rotron XT100 2-Stroke Engine


Fuel Efficiency

Technical Specifications

Engine TypeProprietary single cylinder 2-stroke
Fuel TypeUnleaded 95 octane/Full synthetic 2-stroke oil - 50:1
Battery11.2v Lithium-ion pack
Max. Power11HP @ 7000RPM
Max. Continuous9.4HP @ 6000RPM
Max. Torque8.4 lbs/ft @ 7000RPM
Power-to-weight2.2 HP/KG
Dimensions335mm x 156mm x 123mm
Core Weight5 KG / 11 LBS
Cylinder HeadCNC machined billet
CrankshaftEN24 crank webs with stainless steel seal collars
Bore / Stroke50mm (2in) / 50mm (2in)
CoolingOpen loop liquid cooled
IgnitionRotron ICU CDI unit, total loss multi-spark discharge system
Inlet SystemCrankcase ported with carbon reed valve block
Starter12v DC motor with integrated sprag bearing lubrication
ExhaustAluminium liquid cooled race-tuned muffler unit
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