Rotron RT700-CR Rotary Engine
High Performance

Rotron’s Ultimate Powerhouse

The RT700-XE powerhouse is the benchmark of propulsion system evolution and the result of a 5 year engineering development programme with the legendary Brian Crighton. This ultra high-performance engine offers the greatest power-to-weight ratio of any normally aspirated internal combustion engine. It generates a staggering 319hp per litre with a tremendous spread of torque and a power delivery that is extremely linear.

Rotron RT700-CR Rotary Engine

  • Max Peak Power220hp
  • Core Weight24kg (52.9lbs)
  • System Weight43kg (94.8lbs)
  • Displacement690cc
Rotron RT700-CR Wankel Rotary Engine - Right Side
Rotron RT700-CR Wankel Rotary Engine - Front
Rotron RT700-CR Wankel Rotary Engine - Rear
Rotron RT700-CR Wankel Rotary Engine - Left Side


Torque (lbs/ft)

Technical Specifications

Engine TypeTwin [2] Rotor, Rotary Wankel
ApplicationPerformance / Racing
Max. Peak220HP
Max. Peak RPM10500RPM
Max. Torque105 FT/LBS
Max. Torque RPM9500RPM
Core Weight24 KG / 952.9LBS
System Weight43 KG / 94.8 LBS
Drive TypeSprocket / Chain 520
Drive RotationCounter-Clockwise
Fuel SystemFuel Injection
Fuel TypeUnleaded 95 Octane or higher
Fuel Consumption0.58 LBS / Per HP / Per Hour
CoolingLiquid Cooling
Starting DeviceElectric Onboard
Ignition SystemProgrammable fuel injection with canbus
Generator300W 12V
Engine Application

Crighton Motorcycles

Heralded as the ultimate track bike, the Crighton CR700W is the brainchild of the world's most successful rotary-powered race bikes - Brian Crighton. The CR700W encapsulates all Brian’s vision, knowledge and technical successes attained over his 40-year career in developing, tuning and racing rotary-powered bikes.

Each CR700W will be hand-built by Brian Crighton at our state-of-the-art facility in Wiltshire, UK.

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