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How a Rotary Engine Works
Pioneering the future of VTOL airborne autonomy.
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Committed to Innovation

Pioneering Aero Propulsion and VTOL Uncrewed Aerial Systems

Rotron Aerospace is a trailblazer in aero propulsion and VTOL uncrewed aerial systems (UAS). We are global leaders in designing and manufacturing UAS propulsion systems and VTOL aero-systems with the highest power-to-weight ratios.

Founded in 2008, Rotron Aerospace set out with a singular vision: to develop the world’s most advanced UAS propulsion systems. Our goal was to create the lightest, most powerful, vibration-free, and compact power units in the industry. Having successfully achieved this mission, Rotron power units are now integral to some of the world’s largest aerospace OEMs, including Leonardo, IHI Japan, Hindustan Aerospace, Boeing, and numerous other UAS manufacturers worldwide.

Our combination of successes and experiences has enabled Rotron to broaden its engineering capabilities to include the development and manufacture of a revolutionary new range of VTOL aero-systems, all powered by Rotron’s bespoke power units. Today, Rotron takes pride in being a world-class provider of both propulsion systems and uncrewed aircraft systems, catering to a global market in both commercial and military applications.

At the core of our company lies a dedicated and diverse workforce, a dynamic blend of young, innovative thinkers and some of the industry’s most seasoned talents. United by a shared determination to transcend boundaries, each team member is driven to develop and manufacture cutting-edge aerospace technologies. Together, we are committed to advancing the next generation of extreme propulsion systems and specialising in VTOL aero-systems, ensuring we meet and exceed our customers’ needs.

Rotron Rotary Engine Design Engineers
Mission Everest

Tested beyond extremes to defy convention

In 2007, Gilo Cardozo and Bear Grylls defied convention in pursuit of the ultimate challenge: flying above Everest in a personal, foot launched aircraft, a feat many considered impossible. This ambitious goal became a formidable test of Gilo’s engineering expertise. The solution was to design a new generation of vibration free rotary engine that was more compact, lighter, and three times as powerful for its cubic capacity as a conventional ultralight aero engine.

On May 14th, Gilo and Bear foot-launched from near Everest Base Camp, each carrying a total weight of approximately 110kg of equipment on their backs, flew north towards Everest before ascending to their target altitude. Around 9:30 am, Bear reached an altitude of 29,500ft, gazing down upon the summit of Everest.

Building on this success and achievement, Gilo continued to refine the groundbreaking propulsion system and sought a commercial platform for the technology.

Thus, Rotron Aerospace was born.

Leadership that inspires the business

Rotron Management Team

Gilo Cardozo

Gilo Cardozo


Gilo Cardozo, founder and CTO of Rotron Aerospace Ltd and Gilo Group Ltd, was awarded an MBE by the Queen for services to engineering and business in 2011 and is considered one of the UK’s foremost aviation pioneers. Gilo’s passion for aviation has been his driving force, and combined with an engineering mindset has help define the many exciting projects that can truly be classed as disruptive technologies that will change the face of aviation for years to come.

Alex Head

Alex Head


CEO of Rotron Aerospace Ltd Alex enjoys the challenge of engineering and business management. From commercial strategy to generating and growing revenue streams with new products, Alex has the experience to deliver. Alex’s specific area of expertise lies within engineering, manufacturing, and business management. He knows first-hand how to build and deliver complex products and programs.

Sir George Zambellas

Sir George Zambellas


Sir George Zambellas was First Sea Lord between 2013 and 2016, after a 36 year career as a pilot, sea commander, fleet commander and NATO commander. As professional head of the Navy he was responsible for delivering existing and new carriers, submarines and frigates. He also shaped the Navy’s ambition in autonomous sea and air systems. He is now Chairman of Rotron in the US and U.K., as well as holding executive roles in other data and tech related businesses.

Harveen Rai

Harveen Rai


Experienced CFO with over 20 years’ experience in listed and private, manufacturing and operational companies. Expertise in business development and transformational activities and fund raising.

Col. Kev Oliver

Colonel Kev Oliver


Kev Oliver was a Royal Marine for 33 years. He has wide operational experience and his final role was establishing the UK Ministry of Defence team which sourced military equipment to support Ukraine in the first six months of the war. He passionately believes that drones are fundamentally changing the character of warfare and brings significant access to the defence market.

Peter Dunn

Peter Dunn


Peter is a chartered accountant and was an insolvency practitioner who founded one of the UK’s leading recovery practices before selling to a quoted vehicle in 2001. More recently, Peter was involved in the restructuring of a private office PE fund, protecting and enhancing the value of assets that were in significant distress. He has extensive contacts within both the investing and recovery communities and a prominent entrepreneurial reputation. He is a founding partner in Zed Capital, a boutique investment vehicle.

The Key To Multi-Mission Capability

The Right Partnership

Rotron has pioneered a new generation of highly efficient, ultra-quiet VTOL UAS and aero propulsion system, firmly establishing us at the forefront of UAS technology. Today, we proudly uphold our tradition of defying convention, leading the field of complex aero-systems, and committing to developing innovative solutions that deliver tangible, measurable results across diverse platforms and applications.

We Innovate

Our passion, expertise, and creativity drive the development of our cutting-edge technologies and processes. By leveraging our highly agile and capable R&D, manufacturing, and production facilities, we offer both propulsion systems and aerial systems with unparalleled performance, efficiency, and reliability. Through significant investment in ongoing R&D and infrastructure, we continually develop new technologies that enhance efficiency and improve the performance of critical applications for our customers.

We Adapt

To meet the high demands of our customers, we must react quickly and effectively. This requires a design and manufacturing system that can swiftly respond to changes, allowing us to run multiple design iterations rapidly to achieve optimal functionality and performance. Our state-of-the-art R&D and production facility employ the best manufacturing techniques and is perfectly suited for short prototype runs, medium-sized batches, and full-scale production.

We Listen & Partner

Before embarking on any project, we ensure we understand the purpose and can measure its impact and success. Our approach is to “listen and partner” rather than “analyze and tell,” enabling us to build deeper, trust-based relationships, foster better engagement, and create an optimal environment for productive collaboration. We work with you to unleash energy and creativity across all levels of the project, developing solutions that stakeholders are excited about and committed to.

We Deliver

Rotron has successfully completed and delivered thousands of engines and aircraft systems for aerospace corporations and governments worldwide, as well as small and large batch engine and aircraft designs. Whether the application requires one of our existing propulsion units, a uniquely modified off-the-shelf system, or a completely new VTOL aircraft design, we have a broad base of satisfied customers around the globe.